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At the Waterboy, our line of water softeners and conditioners are hand-made one by one to provide customized water solutions for your home and office. This means you'll never receive a boxed system shipped from anywhere across the world — everything is made in-house! We have the right products and the right people to create the perfect unit without breaking the bank. Our water solutions minimize the harsh impacts on your body, leaving fresher laundry, softer skin, and silkier hair. Below are our most popular systems, but we're flexible and would love to custom make your water system to fit your exact specifications. Click each one to learn more. 

Waterboy HC948 water softener



Waterboy Rev5 water softener
Waterboy Twin Tank Water Softener


Waterboy Dual Tank Water Softener Conditioner


Waterboy Quad Tank Water Softener Conditioner


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