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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The WATERBOY 424 incorporates four stages of high quality water purification. Its capabilities allow the removal of unwanted contaminants, smells, and taste from your drinking water.  It is equipped with an NSF certified 24 gallons per day membrane to provide you with a constant supply of clean water to keep you healthy and hydrated.


Say goodbye to these unwanted contaminants:




nitrates & nitrites






TDS (total dissolved solids)


Say hello to all of these benefits:

Clean, healthy water for you and your family, including your pets and your plants!

Vegetables and fruits cooked in reverse osmosis water retain their colors and nutrients.

Reduces 98% of TDS.

Reduces plastic use to help the environment. 

No more lugging around cases of water or heavy, blue jugs.

When you’re ready for a drink, water leaves the tank and passes through the polishing post-carbon filter before travelling out through your faucet.

Water from the inlet valve first comes in contact with the sediment 
filter and removes suspended materials such as 
rust, dirt, and other particles.

The next stage is pre-carbon. It removes chlorine, chloromines, odor, and disinfection biproduct before heading to the membrane. 

The heart of your system is a thin film composite membrane which rejects impurities down to 0.001 micron. Water is then stored in your reserve tank.

How does it work?

Here's what's included!

Non-electric reverse osmosis system 
24 GPD (gallons per day) production

2 gallon capacity tank
Chrome drinking water faucet
Automatic shut off
3 year system warranty
5 year tank warranty  
1 year membrane warranty
1 year service and labor warranty 

Additional options available!

Add an alkaline filter.

Connect your 424 to your fridge.

Pick a different faucet color.
Protect your floors with a leak controller.

Upgrade to a USA-only made product. 

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