At Waterboy, we proudly assemble our own line of reverse osmosis systems and water softeners locally. Specifically designed for the water in the Rio Grande Valley, our Waterboys are custom-made and built to order with a maximum 48 hour turnaround period. Below are a couple of our most popular models, but give us a call and we'll begin working on a model that fits your needs and budget. 

Waterboy 424

Our most popular reverse osmosis drinking water system model is the Waterboy 424. It has a 24 gallon per day capacity and incorporates four stages of water filtration. It filters water at a molecular level by pressurizing it, directing it through a series of filters, and forcing it through an NSF certified membrane to ensure you're drinking only the highest quality water. Plus it is compatible with most water and/or ice dispensing refrigerators for the best tasting cold water and ice. 

The Waterboy Quad is our most efficient water conditioner. The twin tank alternating design ensures a continuous supply of dechlorinated soft water, keeping your skin soft and your water using appliances clear of scale buildup. Assembled with USA-made polyglass tank and an exclusive bottom distribution plate for better backwashing and cleaning action of resin media. It is suitable for bigger families with a 28 gallon per minute flow rate.